Project Description



Protect the integrity of our clients brand

Strategy & Execution

We first started working with the NYPD in the early 1990’s with the production of their shoulder patches.  As the relationship grew we became the official manufacturer of their baseball cap and contributed to re-writing the bid specifications.  After the terrorist attacks of 9-11-2001 our cap became one of the national symbols of American pride and solidarity.

Many knock-offs and poor replications of this cap were being sold in gift stores, on-line and at events.  When word got out that Branding was the “official” manufacturer of the cap we were contacted by Sears, JC Penney, dozens of smaller retail outlets and two info-commercial companies.  We were preparing the contracts with these companies with estimated initial quantities exceeding 1 million caps.

Later we received a phone call from our contact at the NYPD equipment section.  The request was simple; “As our official cap manufacturer please do not sell to anyone else?” The NYPD at that time did not have their brand(s) registered or licensed and therefore Branding was under no legal obligation to follow this request.  However, Branding does not need a legal reason to take care of our clients and so we cancelled all negotiations and contracts and to this day we only serve the NYPD.


In some small way… we protected and continue to protect the quality, integrity and honor of the NYPD.