Brand Message


Brand Promise:

We work with you to first select the best merchandise and then we control the production to deliver on time and with the highest quality.  Throughout the process we will communicate at the level you want so that you will have the confidence that your order will be done right.  


Brand Pillars:

                We have three brand pillars:
                                a)            Client centered Customer Service
                                b)            Creative Agency
                                c)            Production Facility


Positioning Statement:

We are a unique company in that we are a hybrid of both a creative agency and a production facility.  We provide our clients with world class creativity, customer service and deliver the product through our direct control of production.


Target Audience:

A client that is busy and must take advantage of all of our operational structure: In-house production, in-house creative and our China operations. Typically this is the larger fortune 5,000 companies.



Our mission is to be client centered and always put the customer first.  To provide an employee atmosphere where each person can grow to their highest ability and where we can serve our clients through a team effort and not an individual effort.


Tone of Voice:

The tone is serious and professional with undertones of confidence while having fun in delivering the product.  When our clients place an order they do not have to worry anymore, we simply deliver beyond expectations.