Over 700,000 products to choose from including retail brand lines.  Then if the product is not already manufactured we will work with you to custom commission an items for you.

Promotional Merchandise

In-house production


With in house, state of the art equipment we produce over 175 garments per hour and with a highly trained staff that can produce over 950,000 garments per year.

Screen Printing

With in house, state of the art equipment we produce over 1,800 imprint locations per hour and a highly trained staff that can produce over 10,000,000 imprint locations per year. 

Creative Services

Of course we are creative; we love learning about what you want and then brainstorming about how to structure the best solution and we have in-house graphic artist to assist and prepare the collateral.

Incentives, Recognition, and Awards Programs

These programs are unique in that the product(s) are specific to relaying the message of "thank you" and the wrong product will send the wrong message.  We have the experience to suggest the best products that are working now and the expertise to help you navigate the IRS regulations 274(j).

With on-location warehouse we can provide fully integrated programs that utilize storage, kitting, fulfillment and distribution to your various locations.





Global Sourcing

With an office located in Guangzhou China our Branding staff ensures that all of your orders are produced in accordance with all government regulations, meets quality standards, delivery timeline and we will (we do it all the time) travel to the factories for inspections and to re-work the line when needed.


Website stores are very popular a can provide incredible conveniences when done right.  We have a proven track record and several options for a simple store to a fully integrated store with capabilities of: CXML, punch out, budgeting, individual log-in, wholesale and retail pricing, sales tax calculations, reporting and much more.

Micro-Web stores

The micro site is a fun convenient tool when you do not need a full time web store and yet you still want the convenience of a website to consolidate ordering.  These micro sites are typically set up within 14 days of approval and are activated "live" for a short period of time.

Retail Stores

We have the experience to set up an operate on-location (at your company) retail store.  From product selection of gift and employee items, fully barcoded products with a Point of Purchase register and staffed by Branding employees who are educated to your brand and will front line brand ambassadors for you. 


CPSIA trained and certified "Product Safety Aware" by PPAI.  Branding leads the way in producing greener and environmental safe.  Maintaining our safety education is paramount to us in ensuring the products we provide our clients meet and exceed any regulation.